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Wirless Helmet Package - PCI Race Radios

Wirless Helmet Package

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$ 995.95

Bluetooth Wireless Helmets are a race winning advantage over the competition. Our proprietary system allows driver and co-driver to seamlessly communicate inside or outside of the vehicle. Talk into your helmet like you never even unplugged. You can even transmit over the radio.

When you disconnect your helmet and jump out of the truck to change a tire or spot your driver, your voice activated intercom communication is still live and just like you are sitting in the car! Upgrade to the optional PTT and you can even transmit out over the two-way radio to your support vehicles and pits! 

This package includes Helmet Wiring, Bluetooth Transceiver and cables to connect to PCI 4 Link Pro Intercom.

• Unplug (or never plug in at all) and continue to have voice activated conversation with your driver - just like you never unplugged
• Optional Push to talk button on the helmet transmits out over your two-way radio - Wirelessly!
• 24 hours continuous battery life

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