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Jeff Nesbit (Sacramento, US)
Awesome product

Shipped the same day I ordered it. There products are the best in my opinion. I installed it all the day after receiving it. Not one problem. Six of my friends are using pci for years now without any problems. That's why I chose them.

Troy Tindall (Grand Junction, US)
Outstanding experience and product

Purchased the Trax Plus Ultimate 2 with the Kenwood upgrade and KLF-2 Kenwood line filter for my 2021 CanAm X3 turbo RR RC and am completely satisfied. The staff at PCI was very responsive to all my questions and has earned all my future business.

Damian P (Pueblo, US)
Traxx Plus with the Kenwood upgrade

At Inferno Performance, we only use PCI for our communications! Another clean install on this Turbo S4 with a super happy customer! Zero engine noise with the Kenwood upgrade and amazing music quality with true stereo sound. This customer had us remove the old communication system from 'The other guys'. Even with a noise filter, we couldn't get the engine whine out of the old system. Buy once, cry once and get the best! Customer service is always top notch with these folks!!!

Troy Haworth (McMinnville, US)
trax plus builder 2

this company is great to work with and the quality of the equipment is excellent, I would recommend them to anyone.

frank losch (Fontana, US)
Trax plus, Great intercom

Purchased Trax plus and Kenwood radio for 2021 Can Am Mav Max RS Turbo R, installed noise filter right away since I had it all apart, and bought/installed cables for the rear seats since I had it apart. Easy install if you have wiring knowledge, some extra splicing if you put it on a rocker switch. One headset wasn't working properly. Took it to PCI and the salesman played with the entire headset cable, moved it around, twisted it, coiled it, uncoiled it, and now it works. I hope I don't have a problem with internal wiring in that headset in the future. Overall sounds clear and satisfied.

Thank you for the detailed review! Often times if a headset isn’t working exactly as it should the cable isn’t plugged all the way in. Our connectors are water proof and they have a very tight fit, if they don’t snap all the way in the pins may not be lined up. When we wiggled and jiggled all of the cables and connections it was likely to check for a short and recreate the issue. Rest assured if there is any issue with your headset in the future they carry a 2 year warranty. Enjoy your communications system and let us know if you need any help with anything! :)