Trax Stereo Intercoms

The all-new, first of its kind, true stereo intercom system. All new PCI proprietary 5 pin cables allow for left and right separate audio channels, delivering sound quality never before heard in an intercom system. The complete suite of Trax products brings new ultra comfort headsets, helmets and helmet wiring kits - all with new larger, louder, full range, high fidelity speakers.

*Trax 5 pin Stereo Intercoms, headsets and helmets are not designed to work with the 4 pin mono systems like our Elite series intercoms. There are adapters, but all sound will be in mono when adapting items to work together. To view our original 4 Link Pro Elite Intercom Packages, click here.

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Trax Plus Intercom Package Trax Plus Intercom Package
From $ 954.99
Trax Plus Builder 2
From $ 1,549.99
Trax Plus Builder 4
From $ 1,649.99
Trax Plus California Supreme 2
From $ 1,164.99
Trax Plus California Supreme 4
From $ 1,489.99
Trax Plus California Ultimate 2
From $ 1,749.99
Trax Plus California Ultimate 4
From $ 2,049.99
Trax Plus Supreme 2 Trax Plus Supreme 2
From $ 1,369.99
Trax Plus Supreme 4 Trax Plus Supreme 4
From $ 1,879.99
Trax Plus Ultimate 2 Trax Plus Ultimate 2
From $ 1,949.99
Trax Plus Ultimate 4 Trax Plus Ultimate 4
From $ 2,474.99
PCI Trax Wired HJC CS-R3 Helmet PCI Trax Wired HJC CS-R3 Helmet
From $ 269.99
Trax Stereo Helmet Wiring Kit
$ 109.99
Trax Stereo Headset
$ 219.99
Trax Stereo BTH Headset
$ 224.99
Trax Jack Cover Trax Jack Cover
$ 10.99