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50th SCORE Baja 1000 Weatherman Relay Information

Thank you for listening and joining us in the PCI Weatherman Relay. We are signed off until 2018!

- Your PCI Weatherman Relay team




The Diablo Mountain team will provide relay for the North end of Baja and send information via radios up to the airplane. There will be downtime on the Southern end of the peninsula when the plane is not in the air. We STRONGLY recommend all racers and chase crews have Sat Phones at this race and use the above numbers to call in Emergencies and text/email for relay. PCI uses www.SatModo.com for our sat phones. The 2017 Baja 1000 Weatherman Relay team will consist of Scott Steinberger (Weatherman), Ralph (Weathermex)  on top of Mount Diablo; Jimmy Spyrs and Martin Sanchez in the SCORE Airplane; Kim Carpenter and Kit Kamo from the SCORE ops trailer; Jon Goodhue and the Fishgistics team assisting stateside with tracking updates. 


PCI Race radios has a database of PCI customers. Not a PCI customer? We can still help you, but it helps if we have your frequency for race day retrieval efforts and also helps us not assign your frequency to one of our customers that may be in the same class. Click here to send PCI and Weatherman your info.


PCI will be open on Monday for sales and service on all vehicles. We are open Tuesday and Wednesday at tech, but the area is restricted to race vehicles and foot traffic only. Bring any chase truck programming and/or testing and tuning on Monday!


PCI pays hefty taxes on items we bring to Baja to sell at tech. Some of these taxes can reach 50%! Rather than leave the higher tax items at home, we bring them and give you the option to buy them at the higher price. Thank you for understanding all items on the trailer are higher than online or on the trailer at a US race. Order now, beat the crowd, skip the taxes and import fees and have all of your stuff ready! 


Find GPS Files, Maps, Schedules and other important information at SCORE International's Baja 1000 Information Page


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