5 Person Trax Plus Intercom Only with Bluetooth

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Reason for clearance: Used intercom. Install markings on faceplate, scratch on one side. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Bobby Frazee (Colorado Springs, US)
    Great improvement to our pre-runner

    This intercom has changed our comfort level exponentially.

    Being able to talk to all four passengers and listen to music without the rattle of our bypass shocks was long over due!!! PCI wins again!

    Jacob Collins (Prescott, US)
    Trax intercoms in yxz

    Trax intercoms are the best! Easy to figure out. Easy to install and looks clean in the car. Best sounding system you can buy. Very happy and will recommend to anyone!

    Weston Coss (Hays, US)
    Canam x3 TRAX complete package

    Bought an x3 with a competitors communication package in it. Doesn’t live up to half the quality PCI offers. No brainer to order this not only for the factory fit and finish, but superior performance.

    R.M. (Central Point, US)
    PCI TRAX Kenwood Intercom and two way radio

    This set up works so well, very clear two way radio communication and intercom. The range on this is pretty impressive The bluetooth function works very well for music and phone calls. The installation was a bit involved but that is mostly due to my picky nature. The mounting bracket and all the cables are very high quality. Customer support was great, they are knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

    Gary Frey (Las Vegas, US)
    All the communications I needed

    bought the complete kit for my Pro R from PCI. It made it really nice that everything was included in one box. installation was a easy and I am very happy with my purchase.