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Baofeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie 2 for $85

Baofeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie 2 for $85

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$ 85.00

  • Save money when buying two Baofeng UV-5R walkie talkies!

    Affordable recreational use radio. Not recommended for use in Racing.

    Programmed with PCI's stock BaoFeng list. Add your own frequencies by following this simple guide.

    • VHF/UHF Dual Band 5 Watt Radio
    • 128 programmable channels
    • Includes Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, Belt Clip and security ear piece.
    • High power / mid / low (5W / 3W / 1W) selectable
    • 1 year warranty for radio, 6 month warranty for battery.
    • Built in LED Flashlight

    Add on a 3800mAh Extended life battery and Longer antenna for only $30 per radio!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    awsome pit radio

    we got these for the race we put on in the fall for people to use in the setting up the pits and sign up so they don't need to go track us down. they work great and are handier then a pocket on a shirt awesome product

    Great Value!

    I purchased mine to fill in until I got my ICOM installed in my new truck. But the BaoFeng works so well, the ICOM still hasn't been installed!

    BaoFeng UV-5R

    Our group purchased about 7 of the BaoFeng radios. We then purchased built in radios for our RZR's. We use the BaoFeng's as a backup and friends who join the off road adventures. We also use them during our motorhome trips which work much better than the walkie talkies.

    Great bang for the buck

    The range is good about 2 miles with the antenna it comes with but hook it up to the truck antenna with a $5 adapter and it us good to about 4 to 8 miles depending on what's between u. Great on the dirt bike as well. The whole race crew has got them and they come pre programmed from PCI.

    Great Value

    These are great radios for back up or extra crew members. We use them for chase crews that don't have radios in their trucks. I recommend the long antenna and larger battery. PCI preprograms them but the software is cheap and user friendly once you set it to English. Great for weather reports and to listen to FM radio stations too!

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