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eric pettersen (Murrieta, US)
Very Easy to Use

Very nice GPS,

billy kidd @ western glass (Redding, US)
great product

no problems . great product. the only problem is me. lots of functions and i dont use it enough to be familiar with them all

george ortega (Los Angeles, US)
The Best

Very happy with my LOWRANCE 7
You can see what you payed for.
Also these guys have very fast shipping.

Lowrance 7”

Awesome product

Rhon Herndon (Lake Havasu City, US)
IMO, this is the best off-road GPS in the biz!

I've been using GAIA GPS on my iPad Mini 5, and also a Garmin Overlander, as my nav units in my UTV here in the Havasu area of AZ. I really like those units, but the Lowrance HDS-7 Live Baja setup is, IMO, on a whole 'nuther level. Those other devices update the location icon about once per second, whereas the HDS-7 is 10 times per second which is much more accurate. Here's my route creation process: I create a bunch of routes with GAIA GPS on my home computer using Google satellite imagery. I then import those route segments into Basecamp to manipulate the route segments into various full ride routes. I then convert those routes to tracks (in Basecamp) and then I export the tracks onto my computer's hard drive. I then copy those tracks onto a micro SD card that I have connected to my computer. I then insert that SD card into the HDS-7 and upload all of the tracks into the HDS's internal memory. Bingo! I can toggle on and off whichever tracks I want showing on the screen, and I can select different colors for different tracks. And of course, I gotta have nice hi-res satellite imagery on the screen, so I need to give a shout out to Steven Lutz at Rugged Routes for providing hi-res satellite imagery for Lowrance units (you can select whatever area you want and just pay for that area.....VERY cool!) He sends you a micro SD card with that imagery on it, and all ya gotta do is insert that card into the HDS, and bingo, you have hi-res satellite imagery with whichever tracks you want superimposed on that imagery. The HDS-7 Live unit, combined with the Point-1 external antenna (eg, the "puck") is the ultimate GPS setup IMO. It's super accurate! And you can have the normal "north up" view with the locator icon staying in the center of the screen as the imagery moves under it, or, if you prefer, you can select "heading up" and "look ahead" to give you more view of what's ahead of you on the trail. Sure, the HDS-7 Live Baja is pricier than other options, but if you want the best, this is it. There is a reason why UTV racers use Lowrance units. That 10 times per second update rate is awesome. I also have to give a shout out to PCI Radios. Their shipping was lightning fast (as usual!) And what's cool is, PCI includes a "cheat sheet" with each HDS purchase to help the user get the unit up and running. Very cool!