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Customer Reviews

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Awesome setup

Complete and easy to install system! Very high quality and great reliability! I install this setup in most 4 seat applications that we build and customers are always satisfied!

Great service

They were very helpful knowledgeable and excellent company to work with

Like GMC, PCI is professional grade.

As always the quality of PCI products are top notch professional grade. A little more ability for the speakers to reproduce the bass would be nice. Chaging the EQ on the iPod helps a little. There’s only so much that can be done with slim helmet speakers, but my Sena 20S speakers on my motorcycle helmet sound slightly better. That being said, I would still choose PCI over their competitors EVERY time. The intercom and icom radio work flawlessly and the build quality is exceptional.

On the YXZ, I recommend getting a second Velcro PTT button instead of the hole mount for the passenger “O.S.” handle.

Trax Supreme 2 Comm System

My wife and I recently purchased a 2018 Polaris RZR 2 seat Dynamix XPT and wanted to add the ability to talk to each other and listen to music while out on the trail or sand. We did not have a stereo installed and was thinking about a solution when we arrived at UTV Invasion in St. Anthony, ID several weeks ago. While walking through the vendor area we noticed the PCI Radio's booth and thought we would stop in and ask some questions. I should add that I have heard of PCI Radio's since one of the guy's I work with runs Baja every few years and has the PCI product in his car and highly recommends it.
At the booth we encountered Matthew and Sean who took the time to demo the Trax Communication system and answer any questions that we had. They were also offering installation at the event, but I actually like doing this kind of stuff and after talking to them I felt sure it would be an easy install. They directed me to a youtube video that made the install a breeze. They also assured us that if we had any additional questions or issues they, PCI Radio's, would only be a phone call away. I have had several questions and as they said, they are there to help in any way they can.
We have not had the opportunity to get out on a trail or in the sand to try the system out yet, but we have drove around the block a couple times and feel the Trax system will be a great addition to the car. The voices were nice and clear and the Bluetooth connects easily and quickly.
So now that the in-car communication part has been taken care of, we will next look at the car to car communication part and PCI Radio's will be who we will purchase from!
Great company, Great people!!

Crisp and Clear

We own a 2017 Can Am Maverick X3 DS Max. We use closed face helmets and wanted to be able to communicate with our passengers so we purchased an intercom system available through Can Am for the X3, it was a competitor system to PCI. When the unit arrived I installed it and tested it in our garage and was concerned that the volume had to be at 75% just to hear my daughter in the in helmet ear phones. We took our Can Am out the following day and quickly became very disappointing that we had to have the volume set to 100% so the rear passengers could hear us. We found a YouTuber that put out a vlog on the system they used while filming, we were amazed at the audio clarity. The vloggers said they tried many different common race radio systems and found the PCI Race Radio/Intercom System to be the best so we purchased the Trax California Supreme 4 w/ DSP. We have been on four different trips since installing the system in out X3 and let me tell you they are ABSOLUTELY worth every pennie we paid for the system. At first we were very apprehensive about the price but decided we wanted to talk to and hear the occupants in the X3. The audio is unbelievably crisp and clear at 40% volume. The DSP was worth the price jump because the engine/exhaust noise on the X3 is pretty loud not to mention wind noise at 50mph and above, with the DSP activated all you hear is crystal clear audio. We have found the audio is better when playing music through the jack on our phones then when using Bluetooth. The music audio is very descent given the small speakers. All in all we believe we made the right decision in purchasing the Trax California Supreme 4 Intercom System, yes it was double what we paid for the first system but the quality of audio is double of PCI’s competitors. PCI is without a doubt, in a class by themselves. Keep up the good work PCI you guys should be very proud of what you have to offer the in-vehicle communication market.