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Crisp and Clear

We own a 2017 Can Am Maverick X3 DS Max. We use closed face helmets and wanted to be able to communicate with our passengers so we purchased an intercom system available through Can Am for the X3, it was a competitor system to PCI. When the unit arrived I installed it and tested it in our garage and was concerned that the volume had to be at 75% just to hear my daughter in the in helmet ear phones. We took our Can Am out the following day and quickly became very disappointing that we had to have the volume set to 100% so the rear passengers could hear us. We found a YouTuber that put out a vlog on the system they used while filming, we were amazed at the audio clarity. The vloggers said they tried many different common race radio systems and found the PCI Race Radio/Intercom System to be the best so we purchased the Trax California Supreme 4 w/ DSP. We have been on four different trips since installing the system in out X3 and let me tell you they are ABSOLUTELY worth every pennie we paid for the system. At first we were very apprehensive about the price but decided we wanted to talk to and hear the occupants in the X3. The audio is unbelievably crisp and clear at 40% volume. The DSP was worth the price jump because the engine/exhaust noise on the X3 is pretty loud not to mention wind noise at 50mph and above, with the DSP activated all you hear is crystal clear audio. We have found the audio is better when playing music through the jack on our phones then when using Bluetooth. The music audio is very descent given the small speakers. All in all we believe we made the right decision in purchasing the Trax California Supreme 4 Intercom System, yes it was double what we paid for the first system but the quality of audio is double of PCI’s competitors. PCI is without a doubt, in a class by themselves. Keep up the good work PCI you guys should be very proud of what you have to offer the in-vehicle communication market.

Hands Down best head sets around!

I only run PCI in all my vehicles! Never have any problems, just got the new TRAX and love it, turned it on for the first time and a huge smile was on my face they sound so good! Plus the best customer service with everyone I talk to there.

Beautiful car Brad - thank you for the kind words!

Muito profissional a empresa, estou muito satisfeito

Love my Trax System!

Had a competitor's set up in a prior car and went to the PCI Trax system. What a difference! Bluetooth connectivity was instant, volume was more than loud enough, driver/passenger intercom worked flawlessly and true stereo with my tunes in dunes in awesome!

Beautiful car!! Thanks for the nice review and the photo!
New Radios

My father and I purchased a set each of the new TRAX radios to replace our old one. Got them at a off-road show directly from PCI. Rhiannon did a great job spending time with my dad and I showing us the difference in the new radios to the old ones. All in all had a great experience and will buy from them again in the future!!