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PCI Relay

We've Moved!

After almost 40 years of memories and success at our Signal Hill location, PCI is expanding our operations with a move to Cypress California. Our new building located off of Katella and Valley View features ample parking, state of the art tech department and all new streamlined warehouse operations. At almost 25,000 square feet of space, we stock thousands of Intercoms, Radios, Headsets, Helmets, GPS units, Head and Neck Restraints and other safety equipment for fast shipping.

Our last day in Signal Hill is Thursday, June 21st. We will be partially closed on Friday, June 22nd for the move. We won't be able to ship any orders Friday, but our customer service department will remain open for orders and tech support. We re-open Monday, June 25th at our new home in Cypress.

PCI Race Radios
6185 Phyllis Drive
Cypress, CA 90630

SAVE THE DATE! Please join us for an open house on Friday, July 13th. Our shop will be open for tours all day and we will have a taco cart onsite from 11am - 2pm.

PCI Race Radios

Off the Grid PCI Chupacabra Ride!

PCI Race Radios is proud to announce the 2018 Chupacabra UTV Baja Ride. If you have ever wanted to explore the Baja Peninsula then this 3-day, 2-night adventure is just for you. 

October 19th - 21st, 2018

This adventure will start at the Tecate border crossing where we will all meet up in the secure parking lot on the US side behind the border crossing. This is a secure patrolled lot and you are able to leave your tow vehicle there for the weekend.  Once we do a quick meet and greet and fuel up, we'll cross the international border, crossing together. Please note, you must have current original registration and insurance for you UTV to get into Baja. Register at:

Day 1- Welcome to Baja. 

Heading East through the Sierra Juarez Mountains, our first trail will be roughly about 55 miles on entry level trails that will allow you to adapt to the Baja terrain. What starts out as mountain trail soon cascades into pine trees and fast windy trails, that you’ll have your UTV flying through. We will come to our first stop of the day in a small Baja town of La Rumorosa. We will refuel in La Rumosoa and then descend down to Laguna Salada. This fast paced trail will lead us southward down the Baja Peninsula for about 80 miles.  With just a quick stop to see the Salada, and we'll be back off. We will head over to Ojos Negros for a gas stop, proceed down through Independencia to the first technical section of the trail “Goat Trail”. This slow paced technical trail is short but will let you see firsthand what Baja can provide. The Goat Trail will put us right back on Hwy 3 and right into Valley de la Trinidad for our next Gas stop and lunch. With no time to waste we’ll make out way up to the legendary Mike's Sky Ranch in the Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains. The mountain's road up to Mike's is both breathtaking and nailbiting. With off-camber cliffs looming at every sharp turn and the constant naturally formed high rise jumps, Mike's will soon be a Baja favorite.

Day 2

As we leave Mike's Sky Ranch, we will be descending down the back side. We will be on a good mixture of race course and well traveled road as we decent down to the Pacific Ocean. We will head up the coast, north, and check out some amazing sights along the way. The Pacific route will leave you breathless as you watch the waves crashing just feet from your UTV. We will make a quick stop for lunch and a splash of gas before proceeding through Santo Thomas and back over to Ojos Negros. This is an extremely fast and enjoyable section. We will regroup before crossing the Hwy 3 and proceed down through the Ojos mountains and in to Horse Power Ranch for night 2.

Day 3 

After a good night’s sleep at Horse Power Ranch, we will head out early. We will make out way north passing Laguna Hansen and enjoy some wide open fast pine forests trails. About 45 miles into the trail we will cut on to a new trail that will weave its way over to the Compadre trail and back up to the highway before saying our goodbyes, and crossing over the border. 

This 3 Day UTV Adventure will be leaving you counting the days till your next Baja experience!!! 

So what's included on this 3 day adventure? 

  • Guided trails right from the border every step of the way.
  • The entire 3-day course has been pre run and mapped so that you will be able to view the trail on your mandatory Lowrance GPS unit. (Not supplied, click HERE to view GPS units sold by PCI)
  • Hotel accommodations.
  • Breakfast, lunches and dinner, all nights.
  • Unsurpassed trail support - Mechanics, Chase trucks and trail guides.
  • A lead UTV will guide you every step of the way. 
  • A sweep support UTV that hold parts and tools for almost any trail breakdown; will ensure that everyone gets to their destination. 
  • On-the-trail Mechanics that will handle any issues that might pop up. These mechanics, or “Baja Ninjas” as we call them, are truly amazing to have along.
  • Parts for most manufacturers are carried on-trail, as well in 2 fully outfitted Chase trucks and trailers. (We still require you to carry your own specialized parts for you own UTV.)
  • The Chase trucks hold a multitude of tools, welders, parts, wheels and tires as well as emergency fuel and medical equipment bearing any insentient along the way.
  • A certified paramedic will be accompanying us the entire way.
  • Media coverage, to capture photos and video footage of our adventure.
  • Awards and Raffles from our Sponsors

With extensive planning, these tours are designed for you to just show up and enjoy yourself. Leave all the stressful logistics and planning to us! 

Whether you’re a Baja race veteran or this is your first time to Baja these professionally guided tours are designed so that we do all the work. You just show up drive and take the true experience of Baja all in. We will remove the "what if" factor from your adventure.


What are you responsible for?

You are responsible for just a few things on this amazing journey.

  • First and foremost, you are responsible for your actions. A clear and level headed driver and passenger. You will be able to drive at your pace, and to your driving ability. Whether it is a cruising speed or at a faster pace, as long as you are comfortable and in control, you’re doing well.
  • Good attitude, this is a must!!! I can assure you along the way we will encounter some type of mechanical issue and we will all have to stop. Our mechanics will be on any issue as fast as possible. With a good attitude, we will all have a good time.

Helmets - Helmets are mandatory no questions asked….. (Click HERE to view helmets sold by PCI)

  • Parts
  • Minimum of 1 spare tire.
  • Tools to change a tire. (Jack, tire iron, etc)
  • Minimum of 2 or more spare belts.
  • Please have your UTV prepped and ready for this adventure. This includes all spare parts stowed securely away, as well as tools and spare tires. Please make sure all services are completed and your UTV is well maintained. 
  • GPS and Radio
  • The GPS used are the Lowrance units.  We will provide the trail map and load it onto your device for you. 
  • VHF radio. Mounted systems only with Intercom wired to Helmets
    Click HERE to view UTV Packages sold by PCI


Please make sure both are in good working order and you know how to use them. 

  • Food and drinks. You are responsible for your lunch and trail snacks along the way. You will also want to bring plenty of bottled water and beverages for consumption while out on trail. Please make sure everything is secured.
  • We will be stopping for gas on several occasions, which you will be responsible for purchasing. You will need to carry an additional 5 gallons of gas.
  • Please make sure you have cash, in small bills. The gas stations do not take credit cards.
  • Passports and Drivers licenses. You will need you passport to enter back into the USA.
  • You will need insurance for your UTV. Here is a link to the insurance company we use. There is a discount rate set up. Tell them you are with us.


Special Note: Absolutely no illegal drugs or guns are allowed in Baja. Prescription Drugs need to have documents with them.


The cost:

$1800.00 includes 2 participants (you and your passenger) $250 for additional guest. 

All accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights, including breakfast and dinner. 

Logistics/GPS mapping. Trail support w/ mechanics. Chase trucks and trailers. Paramedic and support staff. Media coverage.

Register at:

A Note from the new Weatherman

The Baja 1000 is an incredible adventure. To properly prepare for it you need to have the mindset of “Expect the Unexpected.” Proper preparation means plenty of time to get to pits for chase crews. Thinking one truck can get your car from Ensenada to La Paz is unrealistic and unsafe.

 Providing relay efforts to medical resources for the tragic and avoidable accidents on Hwy 1 are a very sobering part of being the Weatherman. Pit clubs like BFGoodrich, Mag 7, Checkers, Baja Pits and others can help with your logistics and make racing in Baja manageable for the smaller team. Make good choices and understand winning is not worth putting yourself, your team or fellow racers in harm’s way.

 The Baja 1000 Peninsula run is in my opinion the greatest race of all time. However, it’s not a great race for two-way radio VHF coverage. There will be times you will be outside of Race Radio range! Mount Diablo does a great job of covering Northern Baja, but as you head South the mountains are much smaller and won’t offer that type of coverage.

 An aircraft is needed to cover the lower 2/3 of Baja. Airplanes need to stop for fuel, Baja airports need good weather, Pilots and relay crew need to break for sleep, food and the facilities. The SCORE airplane will be in the air to cover the Weatherman Relay Channel, but it is not continuous. I strongly recommend you have a secondary form of communications at this race.

 In the race vehicle you will have the Stella/Anube system is a Satellite based system. It will be able to send a message for help or medical if you have an issue. Race day is not the day to figure out how this system works. Drivers and Co-Driver’s should know how to use this before they put their helmets on.

 I strongly recommend all race vehicles and chase trucks have a Satellite phone. Don’t just hand your guys a sat phone, make sure they know how to use it and give them a list of emergency phone numbers. The SCORE Racer brief will have a list of phone numbers for SCORE ops. You can reach me directly on the mountain by text or voice call at 562-279-0700 (my regular number during the week at PCI.) You can also email me on race day at

 Want me to let you in on a secret of the big teams? Have a communications hub at home. A buddy, wife, girlfriend who can be your team relay and can help you with status updates from a strong internet signal. When sat phones are being used in Baja, they do reach a level of saturation and it’s harder to get a call in or out. Teach your crew how to use the email and text feature.

 For those without iMessage, WhatsApp is a helpful app that allows you to send and receive text messages with a WiFi signal. Again, don’t try to learn this on race day – download it and test it out at home.

 PCI Race Radios has a team to help me on race day and we are available via Live Steam, Chat, email, text and voice. The stream can move quickly with chat, text or email will be a better queue for me to reply to status requests. This is also an ideal way to let me know if your team is out of the race. Check out our full Baja 1000 Information page for important information about Weatherman and PCI for the race.

 Remember to Expect the Unexpected and make your communications plan with your team now. Have a safe and fun Baja, talk to you all down there!

 Scott Steinberger, Weatherman

Weatherman Celebration of Life

Thank you to all of those that joined us at the Celebration of Life on July 8th, 2017. It was a beautiful ceremony with amazing speakers and can be viewed here.



It is with great sadness that we relay to the desert racing community of the passing of Bob “Weatherman” Steinberger. Bob passed peacefully on the morning of June 21st at his home in Parker, Arizona after a long battle with cancer.
Bob found his niche within off-road in that pivotal year of 1972 when he became good friends with Bill Stroppe. Bob received an invitation from Bill to chase the Baja 1000 that year. Bob and two guys trekked to race mile 800 with a two gas cans and a truck full of adventure. Two days passed with no word from the race truck. Eventually, the truck arrived, the gas was dumped and the truck pushed on to the finish.
Bob expressed his frustration with the team, explaining they should put two-way radios in the vehicles so the two could communicate. The following year, Bob put communications in the vehicles of Stroppe, MacPherson and Walker Evans.
At the 1974 Mint 400, he sent up three weather balloons with five hundred feet of coax attached and the first successful relay from a pit was made. It is believed that it was Joe MacPherson who couldn’t remember his name, so he dubbed him “Weatherman” on the radio. The rest is history and iconic status has been reached through nearly half a century of work with the company he founded, PCI Race Radios.
Bob’s dedication to The Weatherman Relay was so important to him that in the recent weeks as he battled cancer, he asked his son Scott Steinberger to carry on the Weatherman Legacy in his name. Scott accepted the honor and responsibility and has filled in for his Dad at the last few races, as he was too ill to travel.
Bob was an avid off-road enthusiast. When not providing communication relays from the top of Mount Diablo for SCORE races, he was on the ground in the Nevada and Arizona desert providing retrieval efforts with his famous “Yellow Zebra Jeep” at BITD races. He loved rock crawling and all things off-road. Bob also enjoyed hunting and spending time on the river with his friends and family.
In 2013, Bob was inducted into the Off-Road Hall of Fame. A great honor and a fitting recognition for a man who has spent almost half a century dedicated to such an amazing culture and sport.
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