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Communications. If you are looking for in car communications only, go with our "Supreme" Package. Interested in two-way radio to talk out to other cars? Select the "Ultimate" Package. Our standard packages include headsets so check out the "California" packages if you would like helmet wiring kits to wire up your existing helmets or the "Builder" package if you are going to purchase new, custom wired helmets.

Trax vs Elite. Our Elite system is a high quality intercom and helmet speaker wired mono for crystal clear voice communication. If you're a music aficionado, upgrade to the Trax system for true stereo sound with separate left and right audio channels.

GPS. Choose from the Elite 7 FS or upgrade to the HDS 7 Live for video input and satellite imagery capabilities. 

RaceAir and Helmets. The RaceAir Boost package comes complete with bracket, hoses and a switch for easy to install fresh air! Our favorite helmet is the HCJ CS-R3 (available with and without RaceAir so grab the right one!)

Don't forget to add your GPS or Communications Bracket and have a quick look at the UTV Accessories page for even more fun stuff!

PCI Elite Supreme Package PCI Elite Supreme Package
From $ 849.99 to $ 1,694.99
Elite California Supreme Package Elite California Supreme Package
From $ 699.99 to $ 1,394.99
Elite Ultimate Package Elite Ultimate Package
From $ 1,549.99 to $ 2,394.99
Elite California Ultimate Package Elite California Ultimate Package
From $ 1,399.99 to $ 2,094.99
PCI Elite Builder Package PCI Elite Builder Package
From $ 1,199.99 to $ 1,694.99
Trax Plus Supreme Package Trax Plus Supreme Package
From $ 1,369.99 to $ 2,089.99
Trax Plus California Supreme Package Trax Plus California Supreme Package
From $ 1,164.99 to $ 1,699.99
Trax Plus Builder Package Trax Plus Builder Package
From $ 1,649.99 to $ 1,959.99
Trax Plus Ultimate Package Trax Plus Ultimate Package
From $ 2,049.99 to $ 2,784.99
Trax Plus California Ultimate Package Trax Plus California Ultimate Package
From $ 1,849.99 to $ 2,359.99
Trax Plus Intercom Package Trax Plus Intercom Package
From $ 954.99 to $ 1,349.99
RaceAir Boost Package With Remote RaceAir Boost Package With Remote
From $ 559.99 to $ 659.99