Comlink RTX

The Comlink RTX Intercom and VHF Radio is the first all-in-one two way radio and intercom system! The affordable $699 package includes everything you need for a two seat vehicle to listen to music, talk to your passenger and talk to other cars!
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PCI Comlink RTX Package PCI Comlink RTX Package
$ 699.99
1/4 Wave VHF Antenna - PCI Race Radios On Sale
$ 19.99 $ 10
Panel Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1 Panel Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1
$ 49.99
PCI Elite OTH Headset PCI Elite OTH Headset
From $ 199.99 to $ 224.99
SMA Coax Cable - PCI Race Radios
$ 29.99
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