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Best riding com ever

I ride motorcycles in the desert with a group of seven or eight guys, and we all have been using these PCI com units for a few years now and we wont leave camp with out them. they keep us in touch with each other because we wind up getting spread out some times,and the radio helps us come back together. We even had a guy go down and got hurt and needed to get picked up and taken back to camp, and we had some one monitoring a base radio at camp and heard what was going on and sent a truck to pick up our injured buddy. We have used a couple other brands but they were nothing compared the PCI units, Best riding coms. ever.

The best fresh air system, forget about the rest

Very strong motor that delivers a ton of air flow! A far superior unit as compared to its competitors in both structure and functionality!! Buy the best the first time and get this unit before anything and done!!

Ultimate 2 seater install

Works as it should. Fits my RZR tight!

Excellent Customer Service, Easy Install, and Quality Built!

Christmas Gift

Purchased for my wife. She loved it. Iā€™m next.

PCI Radio purchase

Exactly what I needed.

Impact shield

Great product and great customer service

Perfect replacements

These covers were perfect replacements for the worn out covers on my Behind The Head headsets.

PTT switch that hard mounts!

These hard mount PTT switches are becoming more difficult to come by. Several types from various vendors are no longer available. I like this one because it does not have a cheesy plastic cover that will come off the first time its used. Also, using a Velcro Mounted PTT really does not work very well. I was really happy with this purchase and in fact I will purchase another to have as a spare. If I could suggest any change, it might be the addition of a shorter bracket or even a set of three brackets as they don't amount to much in the $ area. That way different mount positions will be easier to accomplish.
PARK5098 via KTMTalk

Great product!


A must have for any off-road enthusiast

Highly recommend to ensure driver, nav & chase communicate with ease!

Installation was easy and the equipment is top notch!

Kids Headband

A better fit for my 4yo son. Same quality, fit and finish. Now we can enjoy much longer rides!

Game Changer

Once we got out system and installed it changed everything for us and riding. The internal comms make things so much smoother, and being able to talk with the rest of the people in the group makes things much easier. Their custome service is by far one of the beast i have ever dealt with. They even took the time after hours out in Glamis to add a few extra channels to my radio for me.

Great products, great service!

This is the second X3 pillar kit I have installed. Fits perfect! Item was received the day after I ordered it! Thanks PCI


Great helmet! The shade visor work good. Overall very happy. Also PCI is awesome to deal with!

G Force Crew Helmet with PCI Behind the Head Headsets

This helmet works well with the behind the head headsets. The helmet is comfortable and the sizing guide seems close. I would recommend going with the smaller size if in between sizes as the helmet seem to run slightly big. The tails on the rear adjustable straps were a little long after getting the helmet set up with the headsets. I ended up cutting off approximately 6 inches of excess strap which left 2 inches of adjustment. The chin strap was adequate but was close to being a little short. The tinted portion of the visor can be removed for those not going for the RoboCop look. The helmet came with a cloth bag.

Super nice

Been putting of installing a 2 meter rig in my 17 High country as I really did not want to drop headliner, etc. to drill a hole in roof. I removed 1 screw from C pillar and used a wire to snake coax from 3rd brake light o the pillar. Just tucked coax in down the pillar without removing the rest. The quality is first rate. Way better than the OEM.

Helmet kit

helmet kit was easy to install and works great


Being an older Race Crew member (Ultra 4 ) the channel w/ the voice announcement is awesome. What can they think of next!

Happy with headset

Easy to install. Works well

Great Mic.

The Mic is a perfect fit, light weight and the speaker is very clear. I use them for both, offload and for our mountain bike team.

Beauty ring

Easy install.

Great product along with Oakley Sun Glasses

Have use these for years on my David Clark headsets. My only problem is that I am finding it difficult to get them on. I bought two sets and I still trying to get the last one on the headset.