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this is the 4th helmet that we've bought, once again PCI provided excellent service. Helmet showed up 2 days later, fit and worked as expected.

Great setup

The antennae works flawlessly with my GPS. Kit included everything I needed to wire and mount it.

Necksgen Rev2 Lite

I like the improvements from the Necksgen Rev (lighter and adjustable). Both models are great. I like the speed of being able to take your helmet on and off with it still connected.

Head restraint and helmet

Everything came in perfect and quick!!

Totally Happy and Voted BEST By My Friends

I recently installed my PCI Trax system with the Kenwood option in my RZR. On my first ride with it there were a total of 5 radios, mine was the only Kenwood and the others were combinations of 2 other popular brands. As it goes in dusty conditions we got spread out and during our first stop everyone agreed that my system with the Kenwood radio definitely transmitted the clearest. I was glad I picked PCI, with the Trax, DSP and the Kenwood upgrades. Also note, I read many reviews, watched videos and spoke to PCI before completing the install; I centered the antenna on my roof away from my lights, routed the cable free of other electrical devices, cut the PL-259 connector off and reinstalled a new one to get the perfect path with no loops. It was extra work but very happy with the end result.

These are the best intercoms on the market!

PCI Race Radios package makes it so easy. This is our go to system here at MRT Motorsports.

Couldnt ask for better

This radio is being used in a KOH Ultra4 4400 car. We have 3 of them in our different chase trucks. Very easy to install and mounting options are limitless.

Awesome Hose!!!!!

So, I ordered an air pumper system from Rugged Radios recently. I had two new air hoses hooked up for less than a week and the black rubber connector on the end of both hoses SPLIT and fell off the pumper. I ordered two replacements from PCI and the quality is HANDS DOWN better!! The hose is very flexible, durable, and it can take the abuse it’s designed to handle between the helmet and machine!

PCI First Aid kit

I suggest everyone have this kit in every vehicle. All the essentials in a very well made high visibility bag. The extra wide Velcro strap is long enough to strap around any roll cage for easy access or it folds up out of the way. Hopefully we never need it.

excellent servicd

Nice radio

Great antenna

I got this because a lot of my friends use this antenna and is easy up and down. Works incredibly well and is made well and lightweight.

Helmet kit

easy install but having trouble hearing out of the microphone from other headsets. Have not had time to look at it and see if something is wrong with install or how my son is using the mic.

Works on 2019 dash

I had this mount for my 2016 XP1000. Purchased 2019 XPT and couldn’t find a good mount for GPS. My local dealer had a GPS mounted on new machine and it turns out this was the mount. I’m not saying it was designed for new dash but it works!!!

This is an absolute must have so your mic is not bouncing around your chase truck and you don't have time to look down and put it in the slid hook. Just feel and the magnet takes care of the rest.

Coax nut

Had to use in a think mounting plate on my RZR. Worked great, as all PCI items do. Always the best.

Better Than Alternatives!

After a couple of races I quickly learned I don’t like going in my seat. This contraption takes a little getting used to, but it gets easier. I highly recommend this to all my female racer friends.
I don’t understand the “pink tax” on the price, but I guess it’s a supply and demand thing.

Excellent for public safety vehicles

Use them on public safety vehicles. They love them

The piece is as expected. The button is a little on the larger side but well constructed and comes with a long coiled cord. The Velcro strap is long enough for most applications and can be trimmed to fit as needed. I have used one for years with no problems of it coming unstrapped and interfering with my hand movements.

Worked great, exactly right

great company

Great company always easy to work with and the perfect gift!

Simple bracket! Works great!

Amazing products

We go through PCI for all our needs and have always been highly satisfied with our purchases! Will be ordering more helmets soon!

Behind The Head headset

I ordered these for my wife. She likes the behind the head comfort better than the over the head set she replaced. The volume control allows individual volume level preference. We chose the TRAX system due to our audiophile music quality preferences, my only complaint is that there isn’t a speaker upgrade option or a better quality option. Although they sound ok and function perfectly the stereo sound is very nice to have with a quality intercom system.

The best UTV Intercom System on the Market!

We use these in most all of our customer builds. A great system that has never let us down whether it be racing in baja or just riding around the local Vegas trails.

Great product easy install

As always PCI delivered another great product that was easy to setup and install. The headset works great, with good sounding speakers and mic.