PCI now carries Midland GMRS Two-Way Radios. The highest quality GMRS, boasting 50 watts of Tx power and full IP66 waterproof durability, these radio packages come complete with antenna and coax at only $399.99. Packed with features like a USB-C port for additional charging dock and a metal adhesive plate to mount the included magnetic antenna on aluminum vehicles. Check out the remote hand mic on the MXT575 for a sleek, easy to use interface. Substitute the MXT500 in any of our Icom communication packages for no additional charge and stay connected to your GMRS Group.

What is GMRS? GMRS is a great solution for the recreational UTV, Jeep and Overland user. VHF Business band frequencies require licensing and the GMRS use offers a no test FCC GMRS license, only $35 for 10 years and is good for the whole family. Learn more here. Preprogrammed with 15 channels, 8 repeater channels and 142 privacy codes, the Midland radios also have the NOAA Weather Radio Rx channels and is hands down the best mobile GMRS radio on the market. GMRS radios will not talk to VHF business band radios. If you have more questions about GMRS/UHF vs VHF, shoot us a message or give us a call at 562-427-8177.

Click here to download PCI's GMRS Stock Frequency List.

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