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PCI Race Radios is a Lowrance Authorized Distributor. Why buy a Lowrance GPS from PCI? We hands down have the best service and support in the industry. Our knowledge of GPS Navigation in Off Road racing is priceless and we share that info with you. A "Cheat Sheet" is included with every order, we have technical support and carry more accessories than anyone else.

We are often asked what the difference is in the Trophy, Elite, HDS Gen 2 and HDS Gen 3 GPS units. The Trophy/Elite is a simplified GPS, with software most similar to the legacy Globalmap Units. In 2016, the Trophy replaced the Elite. All the same great features, new name and price tag. Just getting into GPS or want one for recreational use or chasing? The Trophy is a great choice, these simple packages come with the external antenna included for one low price. All of the GPS units have an internal antenna, the HDS will need the Point One Baja if installation location blocks a view of the sky and an external antenna is needed. The HDS are often recommended for off road racing, as they allow 5,000 waypoints - The Elite/Trophy only allows 3,000. That may sound like a lot, but add in Race Miles and a ton of VCP's and if you are marking your own notes you can max out the 3k very fast. Lastly, the Elite/Trophy and HDS Gen 2 have press buttons for the functions. The Gen 3 is a touch screen that also has some buttons on the side. This has been met with some reluctance from the Off-Road Racing customer, but we assure you, the more you use it, the more you will like it. Making notes, navigating through menus and the pinch-to-zoom feature are very user friendly. Check out our touch screen gloves to go along with the Gen 3!