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Customer Reviews

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Todd Sullivan (Lake Havasu City, US)

Still figuring some of it out BUT, it is excellent, seamless with the chip, easy install and it looks, feels durable and well built!

Randy Stockman (Riverside, US)
Lowance hds7 live

Customer service was excellent. I recommend pci race radios to everyone

Jonathan Brown

Working great so far! I imported all of the western united states from open street map, into insight map creator, and now have very good detailed back country and BLM road maps. This unit is way fast! I can blow by cross roads at 70 mph, and its right on target. Also much more accurate than my garmin, good enough to zoom all the way in and set what lane you in! Only issue so far is that i cant get the icon arrow to use course, instead of heading, anyone know how to fix this?

Exclusive Motorsports (Ontario, US)
Awesome as always

Orders from PCI are always handled perfectly and with zero issues!
The HDS gps units are a huge upgrade from the older series that I replaced, money well spent!

Mitch Harper (Palm Springs, US)
Best Off Road GPS I have used

I mounted the unit in my 2016 RZR 900 Trail side-by-side. I did have to make extra brackets because I mounted it covering part of the open center glove box. I found the installation is perfect for visibility by both driver and passenger.

The unit is designed for marine applications, and does everything from fish finding to driving the boat, as well as radar, sonar, depth, water temp, etc. If I wanted to use this on a boat, I would have rated it at 5 stars. However, for off roading, it's a little difficult. I did purchase an area map (for Johnson Valley OHV in California). The map contains satellite images so you can see trails, most of which are unnamed. However, you can set a route using waypoints, but you will not have information about the difficulty level. I did have to turn around sometimes, because the trails were above this side-by-side's capabilities, but I was able to find alternate paths by using the satellite image. I always knew where I was, and didn't get lost.

Prior to using the Lowrance, I had tried the Magellan TRX7 which was a top editor's choice on many articles. I hated it, it wasn't intuitive, and unreliable when out of cell tower areas. Last time I used it, we were lost in canyons 10 miles back, sun was getting ready to set, no cell phone to call. It's now for sale.

After the Magellan, I bought a 7-inch tablet with built in GPS. Different apps all yielded the same results, non-friendly, non-intuitive, and the last time we used it we were lost in another area for a couple of hours.

I finally figured I spend the big $$ to make sure we wouldn't get lost again. I was tired of the wife freaking out and threatening not to go out anymore. This unit is what the Pros use. I wish it was a little friendlier, or the documentation better. Everything is directed to marine use. Hardly any videos on the Internet about how to use it off road because it's one of the pricier units. However, I was never lost, and that's the point, isn't it?