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Quality Products and Industry Leading Service

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

PCI Location

Hours of Operation

Does PCI have a Showroom?

Do you repair products?

When will my order ship?

What is your return policy?

Can I use the PCI Logo on my marketing?

Who is the Weatherman and why is he so important to PCI Race Radios?

How do you differ from your competitors?

International Shipping

What size bracket to I need?

Tech Talk

Weatherman Relay Etiquette

Microphone Placement

Bluetooth Intercoms?

Antenna Mounting

Helmet FAQ's

What is IMSA, Nascar, Peltor, PCI and Off-Road Wiring.

Bluetooth Helmets

What is the difference between a DOT, M and SA Rated Helmet?

How long is my helmet good for?

What is the difference between DOT and SNELL rated Helmets?

Proper Helmet Fit and Size Charts

Radio FAQ's

Do radios require an FCC license?

Can I program my own radios?

Instruction Manuals

Where should I mount my Antenna?

What is Narrowbanding?

How do I mount my Antenna to my motorhome?

Does my Antenna/Coax need to be "grounded"

Adding Frequencies to a BaoFeng Radio

What frequencies are in my radio?

What is the difference in UHF and VHF?

How do I adjust squelch on my Icom F5021 Radio?

Intercom FAQ's

How do I get more volume out of my ipod

How do I connect my intercom to my stereo?

My Bluetooth range is limited, how do I get more range?

I am having an intercom/radio problem, can you guys fix it?


Free GPS Waypoint Downloads

Software Updates and Downgrades

Will my old Globalmap Power Cable work with my new HDS GPS?

When I insert a mapping card, my GPS freaks out, freezes or restarts.

My GPS tracks sideways, spins or has a Red triangle in the middle of the screen

HDS Gen 3 WiFi

Safety Equipment

How do I re-certify my Head and Neck Restraint?