PCI Race Radios FCC License Agreement

PCI Race Radios has FCC licensed 80 channels for use in the United States under call sign WPGK938. We are sharing these channels with our customers pursuant to 47 CFR 90.179. 

This is a legally binding agreement, read it carefully and consult with your attorney before clicking I Agree. 

    1. By providing your information and clicking "I Agree" you certify you have read this page and understand that you may subject to fines for violating the agreement.
    2. I understand I may only transmit on approved channels in specific geographic areas. I have read the frequency list and will only transmit in areas where it is acceptable. I will not transmit on any frequencies/channels labeled "Baja" in the United States.
    3. I understand I may only transmit on Part 90 radios sold to me by PCI Race Radios or an authorized dealer with approved serial numbers. 
    4. I understand operation that is not consistent with the FCC rules and regulations will not be sanctioned by PCI and will be reported to the FCC. PCI is not responsible for my violations of this agreement or FCC regulations. Any misuse of this agreement will result in revocation of my permission to share this licensing agreement and I will be responsible for any fines and fees from the FCC.
    5. My membership will expire in 12 months and it is my responsibility to renew this agreement with PCI. 
    6. I understand PCI may revoke, change or modify this agreement at any time. 

PCI Annual Licensing


I certify I have read and understand this agreement. Operation and use resulting in violation of FCC rules will result in revocation of my sharing permissions and may result in fines from the FCC directly or from PCI Race Radios. I am signing up for a 12 month membership and will need to renew this agreement when that 12 month ends.