Bluetooth Wireless Helmets

Warning: If you like to curse at the driver when you are changing a tire - this system is not for you! Get the race winning advantage of wireless communication that allows driver and co-driver to seamlessly communicate inside or outside of the vehicle and allows you to transmit over your two way radio from outside the vehicle as well...Read More

The system consists of receiver (at the helmet or headset side) and a transmitter with an antenna that is connected to the intercom. This allows you to communicate just like you are plugged into the intercom, with voice activated, full duplex sound at over 300 feet away from the vehicle. A PTT is added to the helmet so that you can transmit over the two way radio to your chase crews and pit. The helmet modification can be done on our HJC and Impact helmets. For any different models, call us for more information. The battery and antenna are installed inside of the helmet by our technicians - a 4 hour process! It's a large investment, but not having any boxes to find a place for is worth it. When the helmet plugs into the intercom, it goes into battery saving mode. Unplug to get out of the vehicle and the bluetooth is turned on in a fraction of a second. By using the battery save feature of plugging into the intercom when in the vehicle, battery life can be over 20 hours!

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