Pyrotect Off-Road DOT Open Face Helmet

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The Pyrotect DOT UTV open face helmet is the top choice for quality and innovation. Get that open-air experience but still remain safe! This helmet provides protection while still being able to work with communications headsets.

Pyrotect DOT Open Face Helmet

Size Centimeter Hat Size Inches
XS 53-54 6 5/8 - 6 3/4 20 3/4 - 21 1/8
S 55-56 6 7/8 - 7 21 1/2 - 21 7/8
M 57-58 7 1/8 - 7 1/4 22 1/4 - 22 5/7
L 59-60 7 3/8 - 7 1/2 23 - 23 1/2
XL 61-62 7 5/8 - 7 3/4 23 7/8 - 24 1/4

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kimberly E (Yuma, US)

A little heavy and the visor does not even come close to my eyes but if I sizes up the helmet was too big,
I only need a helmet when we go to Cali a few trips a year it fits great with headsets I easy to put on and off , to using with headsets and that I don’t do full helmets well it did its job at KOH

Ron (Las Vegas, US)
Best helmet purchase.

I have tried several different helmets. Other half, 3/4 and full face had their own pros and cons but didn't solve the sound issues that independent controls of headsets provide my wife and I while riding.
Even though these helmets are very comfortable and convenient with quick clips for all straps. I used 4 zip ties to attach my headset to the straps making it even easier to put on and take off quickly. I am very happy with this purchase.

VB (La Verne, US)
A advertised - competitive price

Quality seems good except for the visor = CHEAP/flimsy.

Dn't grab it by the front lifiting it out of the box - you will break the visor.

My buddy did the same thing just lifting it out of his seat.

Terry Ray (Las Vegas, US)
PCI is awesome

They have excellent customer service super fast shipping received my product within a couple days just like promised and their products are high quality high-end worth the money!!

Jeff Raybould (San Diego, US)

Switched over from full pace helmets to these helmets. Love the fit of them and style. They do seem to run a little bigger than the full face helmets that we have.