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Crew Chief headsets designed to work with handheld radios. PCI Race Radios high-quality headsets are comfortable, easy to adjust and provide loud and clear sound. Push to talk button on the side of the headset. 


  • Available in Black or Carbon Fiber
  • -22dB Noise Attenuation
  • Available in over the head or behind the head styles
  • 3.5mm female audio input jack on ear cup
  • Adjustable mechanical microphone boom
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Adapter Cables sold separately


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Casey Hollingsworth (Bandera, US)
Great product

I use this headset in an agriculture setting and it can take a beating and works fantastic.

Anton Hochschild (Anaheim, US)
Great Headset

My wife and I are ham radio operators. I got this for her for use at the Acura Grand Prix in Long Beach, and at the Indy 500. I have the 2 radio, behind the head version. both worked really one. This one is a bit better because of the independent volume control. Communications were incredibly clear despite the car noise, and the microphone did a great job of only capturing voices not cars. The adapters for radios work really well too.

i will take this one step further: for Indy, since they are not longer renting radio scanners, we got our hands on a 3.5mm to USB-C cable from Amazon for the other port on this headset. My wife will not only be able to talk to me, but listed to radio commentary from the Indy app on her cell phone. We have already done some testing and determine that this will work really well.

The only drawback is, these headphones are not rated, but based on how well they work, i would be comfortable saying you get around 25-30 Db of noise suppression. They are comparable to my Peltor headphones that are rated. Hope this helps

1 tip, They do offer cotton covers for the cushions, i wouldn't use them. they put too much pressure on our ears, and would not allow for a good seal, which is needed to protect your hearing.

vctor benedict (Camp Verde, US)
Crew Chief

Awesome product. Very well constructed.