9 Pin Molex Inline Ground Isolator

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We recommend this Ground Isolator if you want to charge your music device from the vehicle during audio input into your intercom system. Phone/Audio chargers can introduce power noise into your intercom system, this ground isolator can eliminate the issues.

  • Works with: PCI 4 Link Pro, PCI Comlink X
  • 9 pin molex to 9 pin molex

We recommend using our Line Driver to amplify music into your intercom system. We do not recommend charging your music device while playing music as it introduces power noise into the system. If you must charge the device during playback, we have two options: Purchase a ground isolator for the Line Driver; or use a battery powered amplifier such as a Boostaroo, which can be found on Amazon for around $50. They aren’t as high quality as our Line Driver, but they use a battery for power instead of vehicle power, eliminating noise possibilities.


Superseded Part #'s 378

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steven Likovic (Albuquerque, US)
Worked cherry

Plugged in and filtered all the noise . Worked like a $&87,@? Dream!

Robert F (Brooklyn, US)
In car audio

Used this to charge iPad while running Leadnav through headsets. Worked well

Salem Almarri (Doha, QA)
It is mandatory for audio

It perfect items, if you want to listen to music from audio and your headset in one time without noise , thanks pci

WK (Phoenix, US)
9 Pin Molex

I bought this from PCI & the shipping was super quick and it works as described.

Antony Veraldi (Tempe, US)
Static and feedback

Works as advertised!! New radio and intercom that I only had an opportunity to use a few time during day trips. Went out for a multi day trip and had to keep my iPad charging to use the GPS. I noticed static and feedback when using the radio and then the group started commenting on the same. After researching and self diagnosing with no result I called PCI tech support. They said the isolator would fix the problem and it did. Easy install with plug and play. Naturally I didn’t want to spend more money, but was money well spent with the amount of riding we do.

If you have an RZR and experiencing the same kind of issues, I would recommend this as a fix.

2017 RZR 1000xp