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Download and use at your own risk. Do not rely on GPS as your primary source of navigation. We make no guarantee to the accuracy of these downloads, they are provided for your own fun only!

Download our GPS Cheat sheet from the FAQ Page for instructions on how to load the .usr files into your GPS


PCI Glamis Store, Brawley Slide, China Wall, Competition Hill, Gecko, Lizard Hill, Oldsmobile Hill, Patton Valley, Roadrunner, Wash 10, Swingset, Flagpole, Boardmanville.


5 Palms, Blowsands, Blue Inn, Gas Domes, Pumpkin Patch, Shell Reef


Aftershock, Backdoor, Chocolate, Devil's Slide, Elvis, Fissure Mt, Hell's Gate, Jackhammer, Martel, Outer Limits, Resolution, KOH Start/Finish, Sunbonnet, Wrecking Ball



Barstow "B" course, Start/Finish waypoint



Lucerne "A" and "B" Course



The "Mojave Trail" and a crap load of waypoints from Barstow to Laughlin. Too many to picture or list...