Challenger Semi Custom Earpieces

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A step up from the Challenger II Foam earpieces, these semi-custom molds fit ergonomically into the ear, providing more noise reduction and a comfortable fit that does not rely on tension inside the ear canal.

  • 28db ambient noise reduction
  • 18 inch heavy duty cord
  • Switchcraft mono jack
  • Soft, semi-custom molds
  • Includes zipper carrying case

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
H. (Newport Beach, US)
Great Product, Comfortable!

I love these earpieces! They fit very well for not being "customized" to my ears. The carrying case is a nice touch so you don't lose them. Their audio quality is crystal clear, and they block out engine noise as well! Well done, PCI

Graham Loughead (Darien, US)
Comfortable & Quality Ear Pieces

These war pieces are really some of the best quality you will find for the price. I also had the lower quality ear pieces from PCI before and these really are a lot lot better. I was having a little trouble with static when my crew was talking, but I think it was my radio more than the ear pieces.

Ethan Babcock
Comfortable, Functional, Not Perfect.

These buds sound and work great. They fit the shape of my ear fairly well. They don't seem to isolate a ton of sound, and I've yet to have them in for a full 2-hour enduro stint in the car, but the quality feels great and I'll definitely be using them until my budget supports getting a custom pair, which I'll definitely be purchasing from PCI.

John R in Atlanta, GA (Cartersville, US)
Great Option for in-helmet communication

I use these in my RZR based race car and really like them. They fit my ear size fine without any issues. I use a piece of medical tape over them and tape them to my ear for extra security during race conditions. Overall they are definitely worth the money and I would recommend them. I prefer these over the ear cups now that I have them. If off-the-shelf ear buds are never comfortable to you in your previous experience, I would recommend going the custom route. If you haven't have an issue with off-the-shelf buds in the past these should work great.

Allen Yost (San Diego, US)
Get the custom fit model

Audio: Way better than the stock helmet speakers.

Fitment: Not so good on me. The left side hurt so bad I had to take it out. I would recommend getting the custom mold ear pieces.