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The simple package allows Crew Chief and Spotters to communicate with the race car without the hassle of a hand mic and the outside noise of a race environment.

  • The Kenwood NX-1200 comes with 128 channels, an alphanumeric display to tell you what channel you are on and a battery level indicator - perfect for the teams that always forget to put the radios back on the charger! But if you forget, it also comes with a rapid rate charger and a 2000 mAH Lithium-Ion battery.
    • 5 Watt VHF Radio
    • 128 Channels
    • Alphanumeric Display
    • Battery level indicator!
    • 2000 mAH Li-Ion battery and Rapid Charger
  • PCI Over the Head or behind the head headset, Black Crew Chief Headset with PTT on the ear cup. Durable, Wire Boom.
  • Upgrade to behind the head style by adding this upgrade item to your cart.
  • Kenwood coil interface cable 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Holland (San Bernardino, US)
Worked perfect

The setup was crystal clear, quality sound and solid broadcast. this 5 watt was literally 10 times more powerful than the Beofeng "5 watt."
Even with all the noise in the pit area from all the teams, the comms were solid and effective. It was a welcome change for the clarity and range over last setups!

John R in Atlanta, GA (Atlanta, US)
Great Package

Our team upgraded to this setup this year and love it. Really helps to keep the pits in touch better with the race car in a loud environment.