HJC Playcar Shield CS-R

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Replacement shield for the HJC CS-R1, CS-R2 and CS-R3 DOT Playcar helmets

Will not fit on the AR-10 Racing/SA HJC Helmet

Customer Reviews

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Eric NEIDHART (Phoenix, US)
Best bang for the buck

Great Sheilds, we use the amber, smoke and clear for all the different riding we do.

Doug M (San Diego, US)
HJC visor

Amber visor works amazing in desert
Only gripe is after wiping it with a cloth it becomes extremely static-y with dust.. Unsure how to remedy at this time but happens on all 4 visors. I do like that they pop off helmet easily to clean but stay safely connected when driving

Kolby (Yucaipa, US)
Great item

Fits perfectly. Smoked shield and silver shield look really good on as well! Easily changeable on helmet. Great product

Scott C (Tustin, US)
She Loves it

I bought a amber/ yellow shield for my wife and she loves it. I also bought a replacement smoked one for my self.

Christian Hansen (Mammoth Lakes, US)
replacing a scratched sheild

We just replaced the original clear shields on our pumper helmets with smoked ones, what a difference! The smoke coating cuts down the heat from the sun a bunch and having a shield without scratches is so awesome, didn't realize how bad the old ones were until we replaced them. We got new clear shields for night riding also, didn't realize how easy they were to change. Super fast shipping.