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The Hybrid Sport from Simpson features a light-weight design using DuPont® carbon/polymer construction and provides maximum comfort and maneuverability with superior strength. The trusted low-profile design disappears into the seat when worn and allows for easy in and out of the race car, eliminating the danger of becoming caught in other gear. The protection stays with the racer during multiple impacts, flips, and rolls.  

  • SFI 38.1 Certified
  • Post Clip Tethers & Post Anchors included.
  • Includes Hardware. If you purchase a helmet with the head and neck restraint, enter notes if you would like for us to install the hardware free of charge.
  • DuPont carbon polymer construction
  • Sleek, modern profile with defined wings for seatbelt containment

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Drew (Port Charlotte, US)
A Better Mousetrap?

I am new to racing and after researching several options for HNR protection I settled on the Simpson Hybrid Sport. First and foremost it meets the SFI safety specifications. Beyond that my research led me to understand that most HNR devices are truly frontal collision devices only. However, Simpson which is the same company that offers the well known HANS device also offers the Hybrid Sport. There are several differences between the two. To me the biggest and more important difference is that the Hybrid Sport has two tethers connecting to your helmet. One of those tethers is further forward, which appears to offer some additional lateral protection over the HANS device. The Hybrid Sport does utilize a harness which some may consider a little more cumbersome, I found it no problem whatsoever. It goes on like a backpack with a simple fastener across your chest. Hybrid Sport appears to be the best of both worlds, HANS and Necksgen, with even more protection laterally than either of those options.


Easy to adjust tethers.

Mike Munoz (Moreno Valley, US)
Great for drivers not the best for co drivers

So the hybrid pro is fantastic for stability it really feels like your one with the seat and little movement. However unlike the nexgen you have to bolt the restraint to the helmet. So jumping in and out of the car is very hard for the co driver.

SD (Santa Barbara, US)
Super Comfortable!

So much more comfortable than the NeckGen. Stays in place.