Icom F1000 Hand Held with Rapid Charger

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This simplistic design is perfect for Motorcycles, chase crews and base camps. Small and lightweight, Its dust-tight construction prevents the ingress of powder dust, sand, mud and other objects. When you rotate the channel knob, the radio announces the channel number. Convenient for making radio adjustments without having to look at the radio!
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 7.4 Volts 1600 mah
  • 5 Watt, VHF
  • 16 Channels with channel announcement
  • Waterproof Lithium Ion Battery 14 hours of battery life

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eugene W Avakian (Lodi, US)
The Perfect complement

I have a F5201 Radio in my SXS but I wanted an additional handled as an extra or for the trailer if someone stays back then we have easy contact with base camp. this radio works perfect, I would recommend it to anyone that would like a radio and doesn't want to spend the money for a permeant one or just needs an extra like me you will not be disappointed.

Silver State RaceMedX (Carmichael, US)
Essential Part of Our Medical Load-Out

Having a sizeable cache of F1000's has taken our ability to provide medical support to desert races to a whole new level. The simplicity and ruggedness of the F1000 is unsurpassed by the competition, hands down. Without good comms, we might as well be using soup cans with string. Thanks to PCI, we are able to provide our racers with the kind of safety and medical support they need when they need it. PCI delivers the goods, full stop.

Kenny Ishimaru (Las Vegas, US)

I have not tried it yet but I’m sure it will be a better upgrade than the Vertex 2900 that I bought from Bob some 27 years ago while chasing for the Dick Cepek Race team.

I get to try it out at the 2021 Mint 400 in a few weeks.

john kukta (Riverside, US)

Being an older Race Crew member (Ultra 4 ) the channel w/ the voice announcement is awesome. What can they think of next!

Scott Walther (Santa Barbara, US)
Great Radio!

Bottom line, these are tough radios that just work. Excellent battery life and strong build. I have two for pit crews and desert trips. PCI programs my frequencies so they match the race car and chase vehicles which is great. Every radio you touch works the same way, no learning curve. The F1000 will not have the range of a 50W radio with a 3db gain antenna on the top of a roof but thats not their purpose. These radios get the job done for short range operations and communicate very well with the big radios. What they lack in a digital screen they gain in simplicity that works and in very harsh conditions. As always PCI has amazing support, I have called a few times with various questions about setup and their advise is on point.