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Salem Almarri (Doha, QA)
It is mandatory for audio

It perfect items, if you want to listen to music from audio and your headset in one time without noise , thanks pci

WK (Phoenix, US)
9 Pin Molex

I bought this from PCI & the shipping was super quick and it works as described.

Antony Veraldi (Tempe, US)
Static and feedback

Works as advertised!! New radio and intercom that I only had an opportunity to use a few time during day trips. Went out for a multi day trip and had to keep my iPad charging to use the GPS. I noticed static and feedback when using the radio and then the group started commenting on the same. After researching and self diagnosing with no result I called PCI tech support. They said the isolator would fix the problem and it did. Easy install with plug and play. Naturally I didn’t want to spend more money, but was money well spent with the amount of riding we do.

If you have an RZR and experiencing the same kind of issues, I would recommend this as a fix.

2017 RZR 1000xp