Kenwood TK-7360HK Radio

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The Kenwood TK-7360 has been replaced by the NX-1700 Kenwood radio.


This Kenwood TK-7360HK radio boasts a full spectrum of features that most other radios cannot compete with. This radio is water resistant and can be used in both race and chase applications.

The TK-7360 requires less power to transmit at 50 watts. This means less battery draw, and the capability to transmit at full strength when your battery isn't charging. The TK-7360HK makes the ultimate race or chase radio!

Race version includes the intercom interface cable, Chase versions are meant to use with hand microphones.

  • 50 Watts 136-174MHz
  • 128 Channels
  • Enhanced Kenwood audio

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Neal Rideout (Acton, US)
Best radio out there!

This is not the first time I have purchased this radio. It is my first review of it though. First off, the PCI people are all first rate professionals. They answer all questions and even provide great suggestions when having difficulty during installation. It's easy to forget they do this all the time and bring that knowledge to you. The radio has proven itself over and over. Always clear transmit and receive. Easy to use interface with plenty of memory for frequencies you might add later. This is a quality commercial communications company. Kenwood is one of the top companies out there. Not a weird named Chinese knockoff. Between a sandrail and baja bug, I beat these radios and they don't care. Recently we got caught in a rain and hail storm at Idaho dunes and having difficulty seeing. The radio kept us in contact with the others in our group. Even exposed and getting hammered by rain and small hail, it just worked. I was worried I killed it by the time we got back to camp but it continued to work great the rest of the trip. Not just the radio but headsets, PTT buttons and cables. All survived. I'm sold on this system and highly recommend it. Heck, this review is for my 4th Kenwood. Yea, I like em.

Chris Reifenberger (Des Moines, US)

Everything seems great so far, was hoping there was a "scan" feature that could monitor all the preprogrammed frequencies, but after calling customer service I found out there is not. Not PCI's fault but unless I missed it, it should probably be pointed out in the description.

Hi Chris! Sorry for the confusion. We do not add in the scan feature on our radios on the standard programming. The reason is your radio would likely be stuck on the PCI Weatherman channel the entire time because of all the chatter during the race. If using for recreation, it's not impossible some of these frequencies could be tied up by other businesses or users (or even data) and with 128 channels programmed into the TK-7360 you likely wouldn't stay on the frequency you wanted for long. Some users are advanced enough to understand this and be able to select scan, but we found this caused more problems than solutions and have opted not to add it to our programming. If you have a different use case and think this feature would be a good addition for your team/adventure - we are happy to add in that functionality. We will email you info on how to get that sent in of you want to make the change. Thank you for your business.

Miguel Alvarado (Ontario, US)

Excellent customer service and the radio is very good quality the audio of the radio is much better than my previous brand

Kelly McArthur (Argyle, US)
Kenwood is all we use

It is a little more expensive, but we only use Kenwood in our TTs and chase trucks. These units but up with a lot of abuse and have constantly been reliable.

Mike Lee (Gardnerville, US)

Radio work great, fits like stock in the RZR Pro R bracket. Thanks PCI