KLF-2 Kenwood Line Filter

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Alternator Whine driving you crazy? If you have power noise in your intercom or radio add one of these noise suppressors to your car for clean, clear communications! Proper installation of the KLF-2 will make your radio system clearer, especially voice transmission at high engine RPM.

Available with raw ends or pre-installed molex for Kenwood or Icom Radios.

SPEED UTV version includes SAE power connectors. 

GUARANTEED to lower noise in your car! Add this filter in line between your intercom and radio power cable and if you aren't happy with the results, return for a full refund!

Customer Reviews

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Arnold Wingler (Riverside, US)
Simplified the wiring

Ordered the version with Icon pigtail, comes wired with power and ground connector for the radio and intercom set. Called tech support at PCI to confirm no switch is needed between battery and KLF-2, no switch needed. The KLF-2 also has the ground wire for both units built in so no additional grounds needed. Landed the positive and ground directly to the battery. No noise from engine or ignition system noticeable across the headsets.

Charlton Martin (Phoenix, US)
KLF-2 Filter

Works great and the 2/1 power supply makes for efficient wiring and less clutter.

Mohammed Badr Al-Sada (Doha, QA)

All noises was gone, everything now clear

omar medina (Pomona, US)
Eliminates whinning noise.

Easy to install, great add on.

Jarek Jankowski (Corona, US)
Great product.

Eliminated all whining noise!