Can Am X3 Console Bracket

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Mount your PCI Intercom and Icom or Kenwood Two-Way Radio behind the pillars in your X3.

  • Compatible with X3's 2017-2023
  • Compatible with Icom F5021 and TK-7360 radios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bob Ebert (Bountiful, US)
Great Bracket - not quite 5 stars

I ordered this bracket to install my Trax system in a 2021 Can Am X3. I will most likely be selling this car in the next 6 months (or so) and plan on pulling the PCI system before I sell it so I didn’t want to make an permanent modifications to the dash - this bracket was perfect for that. I also like how “sheltered” the radio and intercom are with this set up. I drilled a 7/8” hole in the back panel (instead of the instructed 3/4”j and I’m really glad I did. I’m not sure how well all the cables would fit through a 3/4” hole so be mindful of that. The other thing that I wish would have been in the instructions is to mount the bracket as far forward as possible. I kept it back maybe a 1/2” so I could plug in the hand-held mic, but that made it tough to plug in the headsets and PTT cables as the intercom does not have any flexibility once mounted like the radio does. I wish the intercom mounted in a similar fashion to the radio so there was more flexibility once the bracket is secured to the flat console piece. Overall this is a nice set up and it is easy to reach all controls with the harness on. I am also very impressed with the Trax system. I had a RR set up in my old Rzr and this seems to be a much nicer system.

JR (Phoenix, US)
CANAM X3 intercom/icom console

The console itself is well made. When installed, it does flex a little from just being bolted on top of the plastic center console. For the install I would suggest cutting two holes in the front console plastic(instead of one) for the wires to be hidden. It does the job for what I wanted and it looks clean.

Eric Mallow (Marysville, US)

PCI has the best radio’s and intercoms on the market. Plus all the accessories!!! The radio bracket for my Can Am fits like a glove and is top quality!!!