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Durable push to talk button. Mounts securely to handlebars or chest protector with strong Velcro. 


Superseded Part #'s 227

Customer Reviews

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Chris R (Oceanside, US)
Easy mount and solid construction

Should a little red button cost $50? No. But it does so when you are ready for the correct PTT grab it from PCI. Fast shipping, excellent customer service, and the best around!

This PTT has strong Velcro attachment with rubber backing to absorb the attachment point. Add some zip ties to make it bullet proof connection for use while racing. Easy transfer to back pack or anywhere with the Velcro.

Great product. I’d strongly recommend to anyone. Especially, if you are prerunning at near race pace or racing in baja as I use it. Excellent.

Customer (Los Angeles, US)
Killer product

I have been using the PCI Velcro push to talk button on my race bike during district 37 hare and hounds and
District 37 desert races.
During one of my races I completely
Snapped the left hand handlebar off,
The only thing attaching my bars was my hand guard and the crossbar.
During all this
The PCI button never moves and I was still able to communicate with the pits approximately 10 miles away!
Outstanding products PCI
Thanks ..

Oh yea’
I still was able to pull off a 2nd place finish with the broken bars !!

David Howell (Lakeside, US)
These are the best!

Honestly, PCI has provided me with the best service. I have had these radios and buttons for over 10 years and just decided to replace one of them on my KTM and it worked amazing. it took me about 1 min or less in an emergency situation to change o it out. Really! so easy to do. PCI has an amazing team that always provides the support I need.

David Howell

Jake (Anaheim, US)
Great for easy install

Install this anywhere. I even have one installed on my back pack strap for when I walk away from the bike.