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Shield your face from the dust with this feather-light, breathable, pull-on mask.

One Size Fits Most Adults

Customer Reviews

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Rhon Herndon (Lake Havasu City, US)
Best dust mask there is! (IMO)

What I like best about the PCI dust mask is the fit. The material is comfortable to wear, and it covers the nose and mouth easily. And it's easy to breathe through! Good job, PCI!

AUSTIN C. (Lake Havasu City, US)
Save me.... no Corona

Whether you’re at the dunes or in the desert this dust mask is sure to not only make a statement but also keep you from eating dirt. It’s easy use makes it even simple enough to use in the gym or going in and out of stores right now. Worth every cent. Fast shipping and can’t only have one.

Tyrell (Sisseton, US)
PCI Dust Mask- Not Just for Dust!

This mask is great for wearing in and out of stores, easy up and down, leave it around your neck, you’ll never lose it! Also works great in the winter for keeping your neck and face warm! Keeps snow and Jack Frost away from your face.

Awesome value, shipped fast, customer service is great. If you have any questions about your order, send an email and they get right back to you, even if it’s not a couple hundred dollar order, can’t beat that!
If you’re looking at buying just one, buy a couple, you’ll be glad you did.

Wayne Jezsu (El Cajon, US)
You can breathe in this one

If you have to wear one for work or whatever , you can breathe in this one. Easy up and down to use it too.

Michael Murray (Anaheim, US)
Support the brands that support us.

As a racer, and off road enthusiast, I like to show my support for companies that support off reading and desert racing.

Super comfortable, and doesn’t stretch out during the day. If you have to wear a face covering right now, you might as well show some love too.

Thanks PCI for coming through with a quality product, at a critical time. 🏁🏁