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Volume Control

Our high-quality headsets are comfortable, easy to adjust, provide loud and clear sound and extra bass for an increased music experience.


  • Adjustable mechanical microphone boom
  • Hi-Fidelity speakers
  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Built in 3ft coil cord
  • H2NO water resistant plug compatible with Elite intercom cables
  • 1.40 lbs

*Only works with Elite Mono intercom, will not work with Trax Plus Intercom Systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jake Reed (Phoenix, US)
Great Product

We just used them the 1st time this weekend and our OTH set worked great! It was very clear and comfortable. We also purchased the cloth ear coverings and they were soft.

thomas montgomery (Fenton, US)

great product

D.J. (Ramona, US)
Volume Control

I forgot to mention that we added volume control. That is huge. Adding independent volume control to our system is such a great feature. I wish I had that in the helmets. I’m hard of hearing, so I’ve been told. My girlfriend can hear a pin drop from a 1/4 mile, outdoors in a thunderstorm. So I can crank it up and she can turn it down. It’s great. Add the volume control.

Dan Jarrell (Ramona, US)
PCI is the best.

Placed my order thinking it would take a week. They were on my doorstep before noon the next day. Bought 2 Elite’s, (Over the Head), Cotton Ear Seal Covers and a bag. I love them. We’re helmet users, but sometimes you don’t need filtered air and the protection of a helmet. These headsets are convenient, comfortable and the audio sounds great, intercom, radios and music. I tried to modify some old aviation headsets first. I learned that aviation boom mic’s require phantom power from the plane’s avionics suite. They won’t work. Don’t waste your time with that like I did. Purchase these headsets. You won’t regret it. 5 stars.

Damon Leake (Park City, US)
Excellent quality headset!

These headsets are amazing quality and lightweight. They function well and are rugged enough for the trail. I have now purchased 3 sets.