PCI Starlink Gen2 Race Package

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The Unique Componentry Starlink IP65 conversion offers a flat panel, all in one conversion available for your race vehicle. For a chase version, check out the Gen 3.

Race Package Includes:

  • New Starlink V2 Antenna* with built in router. Overall dimensions 11.94" x 21.43" x 1"
  • 10 ft Duetsch direct to battery wiring harness
  • Carbon Fiber wind and debris fairing
  • Battery Pack with charger

*Starlink Service Sold Separately. You will receive a QR code with your device for quick and easy activation. These are US devices and will work in Mexico, but cannot be activated to a Mexico based account.

Starlink modification voids the factory warranty. Device comes with a 1 year warranty from Unique. 

Starlink Satellite Antennas are FINAL SALE

  • 7 amp draw searching, 2.5 amps once established. 
  • Overall dimensions 11.94" x 21.43" x 1"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matthew Phillips (Los Angeles, US)
Works awesome!

Bought it for work and racing. Can move it anywhere you want as long as you have power. Works great at 80 mph down the freeway!

D.L. (Los Angeles, US)
Works amazing!

Crazy fast internet speeds while I’m running 70mph down the road. Easy install.