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Keep your visor from fogging up and the dust out of your helmet! Perfect fit for your SxS, short course ripper, or full blown spec truck. Complete with wiring harness, rocker switch and hoses this is your one-stop shop for clean, fresh air in your helmet! The RaceAir billet housing includes specific roll bar sizes available to fit your vehicle. You also have the option of the remote speed control for your dash to keep the power right at your fingertips.

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Option of 2 or 4 air outlets.
  • Optional remote control with 10ft cable
  • Lightweight, durable billet housing
  • Brushless, DC Motor
  • Option of Panel Mount Plate or Roll Bar mounts included for 1.25"/2", 1.5"/1.75" or 1.85"/2.5". Rotate the bracket 90 degrees to change between the two bar sizes
  • Can be mounted in any direction. (Sideways, upside down)
    • 3200-3600 CFM depending on the length of hose 
    • 2.8 - 4 amps (5amp fuse recommended)
    • 2.1 lbs with bracket and controller
    • 2-year manufacturer defect warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 47 reviews
    Race boost

    Race boost is amazing and moves a ton of air!!

    mike thresher (Columbus, US)
    Happy wife happy life

    My wife has sinus problems and the dunes gave her fits. Just got back from a 5 day trip to the dunes and my wife has no sinus problems from this trip. She loved having this.

    Jim Soto (Los Angeles, US)
    Excellent product

    Been using the RaceAir boost for a while now and it’s amazing having fresh air in the helmets.

    Doug W. Placerville, CA
    What a difference. Happy wife, happy life....

    Over the years I have had a couple friends of friends have the air systems in their side by sides, but I thought, while it would be a nice to have. Never did I expect it to be so radical of a change. We just finished several days with friends in Winnemucca, NV. It was warm during the day and cold at night. There were 5 vehicles (3 turbo RZRs, our General, and one large enduro motorcyle. We had several long rides, leaving morning, coming back at night (carry lots of extra fuel). Two of us had PCI radios/intercom systems, the others had rugged. I can tell you for sure, the PCI radios were clearer and traveled further. I am not saying Rugged is not good, just the facts that our setup on the 2023 General transmitted further/clearer, there were a couple times I relayed for the Rugged. Maybe PCI tuned my antenna better or just better? My wife and I/ were the only ones with the race air. After a couple days, and more than 250 miles of long extremely dusty Nevada I can tell you without out a doubt, I will never own a system without. We have a windshield on our 2023 General and heater. The heater was extremely nice coming back with nights in the 40s, with bright Rigid lights at 55-65 mph. Everyone look trashed and we were all tired, but my wife and I had clean faces, no dirt plugs in the nose. While the rest of us from below the neck down looked like everyone else (dirt/dust), including our rig. The inside of the PCI helmets and were truly clean air. At the end of this trip, each of the friends asked what I thought about the fresh air system. Game changer. I have been riding dirt bikes, and driving rails, and UTVs for more than 40 years including all over baja. I think the fresh air system is such a game changer, I wish I had purchased it for my last General. I think if you ride in Tahoe Dust, Nevada dust and hell even the Dunes on Oregon, or anywhere in Baja, for simply the health of not sucking in all that dust it would be worth it. This is my opinion. Just wanted you to know what my friends were asking after this Nevada trip. I normally do not review equipment. Just thought this made such a difference. My wife loves the air system as well......

    Maurice (Gardena, US)
    Best on the market

    Saw booth at glamis spoke to salesman there they where very helpful and friendly the kit was very well put together I tried other brand (r) and it didn’t put out as much air as this one did and that sold me