RaceAir Max Dual

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Efficient high volume air flow of clean air blown into two PCI Race Air helmets! This heavy-duty motor will last several seasons of racing in heavy dust, moisture and puddles of water! The very best in fresh air systems = PCI Race Air!

  • Includes bracket, protective bonnet, and replaceable filter.
  • Hoses sold separately.
  • Two outlet ducting hose connections
  • Can be mounted in any direction. If mounting upside down, we recommend using a pre-filter instead of the bonnet as the bonnet may catch water or debris.
  • Tough, reinforced plastic, water resistant housing
  • Universal flex mount bracket allows outlet to face any direction
  • Roll Bar mounts available separately.
  • Power cable is not polarity sensitive. Two black wires, connect one to power and one to ground
  • 4.6 Amps at 12 volts,
  • Weight: 6.3 lbskeywords: parker pumper air pump air pumper parker pumpers 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Customer (Los Angeles, US)
Craps out

The motor is china made and has never truly worked the Squirrel cage starts to rub after any hard bump then the motor quits! Just poor quality and workmanship also when it works it puts out crap for air its heavy and draws way to much juice bought there mount for it the mount is the only thing good but expensive.
Took it off and replaced the whole system now with rugged radios max air way lighter and way more air Volume sorry PCI but your customer service never returned any call about the unit

Steven Collins (Artesia, US)
Fresh air

I used the raceair system I’m Mammoth CA where is was extremely dusty following friends on a trail ride and we had clean air flow all weekend long. Super happy with the whole system.

Dallis Hughes (Gilbert, US)
Quality + Support. A+

I wanted to use the RaceAir but be able to adjust CFM. I purchased my own voltage regulator as the Boost was just out of reach for me. Works flawlessly, albeit not nearly as convenient as the Boost would have been. It blows well and I picked up a spare PCI filter. If you are looking for a black outlet, give PCI a call. They are not on the site but they do have them available depending on your setup.

Porsche Racing (Yorba Linda, US)
RaceAir Max Stealth Dual

Outstanding equipment.

Brian Pemberton (Fresno, US)
Raceair Dual

Blows alot of air, more then i expected but was able to wire in adjuster to lower speed and works great... I would recommentd