RaceAir Max Stealth Quad

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4 Position RaceAir System! PCI RaceAir features High Volume, Clean Air for your RaceAir modified helmets. This heavy-duty motor will last several seasons of racing in heavy dust, moisture and puddles of water!

  • Includes bracket, protective bonnet, and replaceable filter.
  • Hoses sold separately.
  • Four Positions
  • Can be mounted in any direction. If mounting upside down, we recommend using a pre-filter instead of the bonnet as the bonnet may catch water or debris.
  • Tough, water resistant, plastic reinforced housing
  • Universal flex mount bracket allows outlet to face any direction
  • Roll Bar mounts available separately.
  • Power cable is not polarity sensitive. Two black wires, connect one to power and one to ground
  • 5.2 Amps at 12 volts
  • Weight: 5 lbs (2.3kg) keywords: parker pumper air pump air pumper parker pumpers 


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Randy Stockman (Riverside, US)
Race air quad

This air pumper is a lot quieter than the rugged blower. I am glad I changed to PCI.

Steve Cassel (Simi Valley, US)
Max stealth quad

Excellent quality, looks great, plenty of flow👍👍

Michael Patton (Los Angeles, US)
Bell qualifier forced air helmet

Very comfortable ,nice air flow.

Thomas Henry (Reno, US)
Max Stealth Quad

Installed the Stealth Quad pumper system (item #2140) on my CanAm X3 Max. Pump was easy to install, I recommend the billet mount for the X3 (item #2871).
Works great so far for all 4 helmets. Weather is colder outside right now, so we will have to wait for a summer time review.


Good product