Raceceiver Legend 1600

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The RACEceiver Legend 1600 is made to use with a 2-way radio. The RACEceiver Legend has 2 audio ports and takes the audio from the 2-way radio and routes it through the Legend and out so that the driver only has to use one earpiece to listen to both audio sources. It will reduce the volume of the audio from the 2-way radio when the officials are using the RACEceiver frequency and talking to the field, making it much easier to hear the instructions coming from the officials.

The RACEceiver Legend has the same preprogrammed 1600 UHF channels or frequencies that all RACEceivers have so it can be used at tracks where the RACEceiver is mandated.

The RACEceiver Legend comes with a fully enclosed holster, AAA battery, instructions, and a 36 mm male to male coiled cord. You may need an additional adapter depending on your 2-way radio set up.

Required by WORCS. Channel 1172.

PCI's Inline Raceiver Radio Adapter allows you to mount your Raceceiver away from your helmet, closer to your radio. Inline adapter sold separately. 

Customer Reviews

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Amanda M (Azle, US)

Fast shipping! So far works great! Going to make race season that much safer.

Gregg Calvert (Lynwood, US)
Great tool

I use it to help my son on the motocross track. Makes it easy to teach him shiftpoints and help keep him a little safer in the track when faster people are around or when something happens

amy hauck (Las Vegas, US)

Ordered two items on a Wednesday evening and received both by Friday morning!