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Jam out to your music in true stereo and chat with your friends and family, whether that be between passengers, in other vehicles, or over the phone. Our Trax Communications Packages can do it all! Our Trax Plus Intercom empowers you to talk to your passengers without having to raise your voice, straight through your headset or in helmet wiring kits. Just start talking and your voice will break open the mic, auto-lowering your music and making the conversation easy. Once you are done talking that music volume will come right back up.

Bluetooth with Volume Control comes standard on the Trax Plus. Enjoying your music is a breeze with the full control interface. You can pause, play, skip songs, as well as answer and end phone calls, right from the central bluetooth knob.

Did you put that new exhaust on your SXS or have a V8 spitting flames? Upgrade to DSP! Digital Signal Processing electronically removes all noise from the intercom system except your voice. Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to turn on DSP when you need some peace and quiet and turn it off when you want to hear that thing roar. 

When you want to talk to other vehicles in your group, just press the included PTT (Push to Talk) and talk straight through your headset or in helmet wiring kit. Your music won't keep you from missing important radio transmissions, it auto-volume adjusts when receiving.

These packages have the key components to get you out there, including a basic U-shaped mounting bracket for the radio.  Click here to look into our full line of mounting solutions simplifying installation in most UTVs!

We recommend upgrading to the Kenwood NX-1700 Mobile Radio. With exceptional RF noise filtering, the Kenwood is a must for UTV's with dual stators like the CanAm and RZR Turbo S. The Kenwood also requires less power to transmit at full strength, ideal for vehicles with smaller batteries or vehicles with a lot of aftermarket accessories. Don't forget to get a Kenwood compatible Bracket

Please note: Elite 4 conductor headsets and helmets will not connect to the 5 conductor Trax Stereo Cables. You can purchase an adapter, but your mono headset or helmet will still be mono with the adapter.

  • Trax Intercom: 2.6A draw (5amp fuse recommended)
  • Icom F5021 Radio: 50watts, 128 Channels, 14A draw upon transmit (15amp fuse recommended)
  • Kenwood NX-1700 Radio: 50w @ 13.8v, 260 channels, 13A draw upon transmit (15amp fuse recommended), IP54 Rated
  • Trax Headset: 150ohm Low Gain Microphone and 300ohm 50mm High Fidelity Speakers
  • Trax Helmet Wiring Kit: 150ohm Low Gain Microphone and 32ohm 36mm High Fidelity Speakers
  • Trax G2 Headset: 150ohm Low Gain Microphone and 180ohm High Fidelity Speakers
  • 5 year manufacturer defect warranty on intercom, 2 year on radios and cables

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 106 reviews
    Dean Coats (Salt Lake City, US)
    Game Changer

    Just added the PCI Trax system to my Maverick X3 with the intercom and Icom car to car radio. Amazing how it changed the riding experience with listening to music and being able to talk with your passenger and other cars (great for safety and coordination too)! Exceptional quality! Got the headphones as well as a helmet kit for the more intense rides.

    gabriel Barr (Round Rock, US)
    Top Notch Quality

    Just installed the Trax intercom system on my X3. Its a really nice kit. I had a small question about the routing cables during the installation, so i called and the tech support was super helpful. Top Notch!!!

    Jason gould (Rockvale, US)

    Awesome product

    Dan (Newport, US)
    Very Happy Rmax Owner

    I recently purchased a Trax plus communication package for my Rmax and couldn't be happier. The bracket i used was for a YXZ but fit and looks perfect in the cab of my buggy. The system works perfectly for our needs. Thank-you to the PCI team that helped me decide on my package and answer my questions afterwards.

    Joe Schworm (Surprise, US)
    Excellent setup

    This was a real pain to Install -- But I didn't want to install the Kenwood in the glove box. As it goes with the Honda Talon ?? So I had to get a little inventive . I decided to install the Kenwood in the blank space after doing a HUD relocation The bluetooth stereo sounds are incredible !!!! And the over the head sets a very comfortable . Only problem ( having to hear my wife give directions ) LOL