SPEED UTV Trax Plus Upgrade

PCI is a proud partner of SPEED UTV. Order your car configured with PCI Race Radios Communications and RaceAir! SPEED offers the PCI Elite Intercom systems. PCI is offering an upgrade direct with us to the Trax Plus Stereo Intercom system from your car. Not sure which system is for you? Check out this page for more info.

Upgrade Costs:

- Trax Bluetooth $400

- Trax Bluetooth and DSP Model $600

The upgrade includes a new intercom, two 12' cables to run to your seat and two plugs for the elite cable holes in the dash bracket.

To upgrade your intercom, purchase the upgrade below you would like at $900 or $1100 and we will ship you the intercom, cables and plugs. Send us back your brand new, unused, unscratched intercom along with the two 1' headset cables and we will refund you $500 from your upgrade purchase. We cannot accept used, scratched, scuffed or damaged intercoms and will send back any unacceptable intercoms without the $500 refund. Intercom returns without the cable returns will only receive a $450 refund. 


- Can I get Trax cables to mount in the dash? No, we only have trax cables to run to your seats

- What about 4 Seaters? Order two additional 16' cables for the rear seats.

- What about my headsets and helmets? We can re-wire helmets with a trax pigtail and separate speaker channels for $40. We cannot re-wire headsets, you will need to purchase new headsets. We do have adapters from Trax to Elite and vice versa, but helmets and headsets will be mono when using an adapter, regardless of intercom or helmet wiring. 

- Can I upgrade to the Comlink X? Yes, we don't have this purchase available online, but you can call us to upgrade to the standard racing intercom for $170, with Bluetooth for $350, DSP for $570, or both DSP and Bluetooth for $750. You will also need to purchase compatible push to talk buttons. The same helmet/headset cables installed will work with the Com X.

Other Trax Stereo Upgrade Items:

Collection Menu
Trax Headset / Helmet to Intercom cable
From $ 44.99 to $ 82.99
Trax Stereo OTH Headset
$ 219.99
Trax Stereo BTH Headset
$ 224.99
Trax Bose Headset A20 for PCI Intercoms Trax Bose Headset A20 for PCI Intercoms
From $ 1,149.99 to $ 1,299.99
Headset Hanger Headset Hanger
$ 77.99
Headset Bag Headset Bag
From $ 49.99 to $ 54.99
Trax Helmet Wire Extension Trax Helmet Wire Extension
From $ 44.99 to $ 56.99
Elite FS 7 GPS Elite FS 7 GPS
$ 699.99
Lowrance HDS-7 Live Lowrance HDS-7 Live
$ 1,199.99
Garmin Overlander 7" Garmin Overlander 7"
$ 699.99
Panel Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1 Panel Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1
$ 49.99
Velcro Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1 Velcro Mount Female PTT - PCI Race Radios - 1
$ 49.99
Trax Stereo Helmet Wiring Kit
$ 109.99
Klim R1 Fresh Air Helmet Klim R1 Fresh Air Helmet
From $ 219.99 to $ 369.99