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Motorcycle Race Radio

Outstanding product , loud and clear thru the headset . Quality connectors . Had a different brand previously, night and day difference in quality .

Finally, I have a Baja radio set up

Friends had the Kenwood radio and Baofeng radio set up on a recent ride. They were easily able to communicate of hazards ahead. I bought the Kenwood set up. It works great. My bike had an issue and I turned back, but was amazed at the range. The group was 5 miles away and the radio was crisp. I’m happy I have comms.


Awesome customer service along with super fast shipping highly recommended quality equipment.

Great insurance

We lost people, someone crashed, everyone was aware all because this kit did the job. We won't go out without them ever again. Need 5 kits for all the riders so its a big purchase but its nice to all keep in touch without constantly stopping. Bought other radios from PCI to round it out for everyone. Great radios

Great Radio! Great Range! Great Battery Life! Keeping me safe!

I used my Kenwood Motorcycle Package for a whole week in Glamis for Thanksgiving and for 4 days over New Years weekend! We road with 4 different groups that were using different frequencies and it was awesome to have the digital display to easy find their frequency as soon as we met up. The battery life is great (I am terrible at shutting my radio down after a long ride), not only did it last all 4 days but I only had to charge it one night and it was still only at half battery.

I HIGHLY recommend this package not only because of the range and battery but for the safety factor! I was able to call out to one of the SXS in our group at the last second not to come over a dune because one of the bikes at gone down on the other side as they were circling back around. It helped avoid a major accident!

5/5 stars and I will never ride without it!