Jason Franks' UTV Package for an X3

PCI reached out to a customer who recently purchased a Trax Plus California Ultimate 4 with the X3 Pillar Replacement bracket and side panels
Jason, where are you from?
San Dimas, California.

You purchased a Trax California Ultimate 4 from PCI. What kind of vehicle did this go in, what was the main reason you bought it, and why did you choose PCI?
It went in a 2019 CanAm X3 Max. I bought it to listen to music and communicate with other drivers while driving. I had zero issues with the one I bought in 2017 for my last car so it was a no-brainer to go PCI for my new one. I know one person with a competitors setup and the clarity has never been near what the PCI's are.

You also purchased the X3 Replacement bracket for the system. Are you happy with it, and did you find our installation instructions useful?
Extremely happy with the bracket and mounting setup. I took a quick glance at the directions beforehand but installation was pretty straight forward and it fits nice and tight with no rattles.

Where do you ride your X3 mostly, and who are your passengers?
Most of my riding is in Glamis with 1 or 2 trips a year up in the high desert or out by the river. My passengers consist of my girlfriend and 9yo niece.

Would you recommend PCI to a family or friend?
I 100% would recommend, and have recommended PCI to my friends. I got turned on to PCI by my buddy who raced the Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen and always see the PCI Support Rig out there. The 4 or 5 of my friends who ended up buying PCI setups have had zero issues.

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