Helmet Care

Off-Road races are some of the most grueling, demanding races on earth. Extreme temperatures, remote mechanical fixes, tire changes, dust, mud and sweat. When you get to the checkers it is time to celebrate and your gear is usually just thrown in a bag. When you get to the next race, your helmet is gross. Here are some tips to help keep your helmet feeling as fresh as the day you got it.

  1. Never put your helmet away wet (Not sweaty, not from washing, not from a wet race).  Always leave the shield up and let it dry before storage.
  2. Wipe the helmet down after using it.  Inside and out. Including the shield. A dirty shield will scratch during storage or travel. Use water only on the shield, some cleaners will damage the shield coating. Shields can be protected by using tear off’s or Cruz Armor.
  3. If you have removable interior, remove the pads and liner and wash them.  When the interior gets really bad, you can purchase new cheek pads and liner.  If not removable, wipe the inside down with a damp rag and let dry.
  4. Store your helmet with a spritz of Febreze, Molecule helmet spray, or leave a dryer sheet inside your PCI helmet bag to keep it smelling nice the next time that you use it.
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