Trax Plus Intercom - Using the Bluetooth Button

The Trax Plus Intercom is PCI’s very own, one of a kind, American made true stereo intercom. With left and right separate audio channels, you won’t hear better sound quality from another intercom! Built into the Trax Plus intercom is our favorite Bluetooth knob, making listening to music hassle free. Read below for tips on how to use the Trax Plus Bluetooth knob.

How to Pair Your Device to the Trax Plus Intercom: 

  1. Push and hold the Bluetooth knob for 5 seconds until a blue LED light blinks rapidly (this means you have entered pairing mode)
  2. On your device, open Bluetooth settings, then select PCI INT to pair
  3. Enjoy true stereo music!

 Using the Bluetooth Button: 

  • Push once to pause or play music
  • Push once to answer an incoming call or hang up on an active call
  • Push twice rapidly to skip to the next song
  • Turn to the right and left to adjust your music volume directly from the intercom
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