PCI Race Radios Helmet Microphone Options


PCI Race Radios carries a selection of microphones for your helmet. Upgrade your helmet to one of our noise cancelling microphones for the best in communication.


Standard Low Gain Microphone

This Microphone is the standard on all helmets and headsets. Our low gain microphone was designed to work with intercom systems.

Standard High Gain Microphone

Utilized in our "Motorcycle" and "Short Course" Packages, this high gain microphone increases voice volume over hand held radios.


Extreme Microphone 

This low gain microphone is a military spec mic ideal for extremely loud exhaust. It's a must for open window vehicles with a V8. Made in the USA.


Gentex High Gain Microphone

This small, compact, military microphone is ideal for helmets using a hand held radio. (Short course, motorcycles) Made in the USA.

Gentex Low Gain Microphone

This small, compact, military microphone has a low gain modification and works best with loud exhaust. A must for use with a PCI Satcomm system. Made in the USA.


In Summary, here are the uses and microphones we recommend:

  • Intercom in a UTV with stock, quiet exhaust = Standard Low Gain Mic.
  • Intercom in a vehicle with Loud exhaust, V8 = Extreme Mic
  • Hand Held radio on a quiet bike or car = Standard High Gain Mic
  • Hand Held radio in a race vehicle = Gentex High Gain Mic
  • Intercom in a vehicle with loud exhaust, V8 that would like smaller mic pellet and all Satcomm = Gentex Low Gain Microphone 
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