Should I keep my hand mic plugged in?

You just got your new Ultimate package installed in your UTV. As you go through some of the extra parts in the box, you notice the hand mic hanging out there. Your radio connects to your intercom so it may seem like you don't really need to bring along the extra parts, but we have some points for you to consider about that!

We understand that you will be wearing headsets or helmets (both of which have microphones built in) while you are riding.  The hand mic comes into use when you are stopped, resting, waiting or making a repair and you don’t have your helmet/headset on your head.  You can simply plug the hand mic into the front of your radio and communication with your friends or help is much easier.

That said, we DO NOT recommend you leaving your hand mic plugged into the radio at all times. Every time that you push your push to talk button on the steering wheel/grab bar the hand mic will be activated in addition to the helmet/headset mic.  This will introduce unwanted background noise into the system.  Simply keep your hand mic in a tool bag or storage area until it is needed; and you will be happy that you have it with you. 

We also recommend keeping the mic jack cover installed on your radio when you don't have your hand mic plugged in. This helps keep dust and water out of the inside of the radio. Lost your mic jack cover? Buy a replacement here

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